Roger Federer called “ Champion of his era” by Tennis royalty Rod Laver

Roger Federer called “ Champion of his era” by Tennis royalty Rod Laver
Roger Federer Rod Laver

Rod Laver is royalty in the game of tennis. The now 82 year old was world no.1 for six consecutive years from 1964 to 1970. And still remains the only man after Roy Emerson to win all four grand slams twice. Laver believes that Roger Federer right now is still the best player of his generation. “For me, I think Roger Federer is the champion of his era,” Laver said. 

But in the same vein he added that players such as Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic might catch up to Federer. “But give some of the other guys a little bit more time, maybe they’ll come up and meet and be as good as Roger,” Laver added. “Djokovic is certainly on his way (along with Nadal), because he won a huge amount of tournaments and his consistency is amazing.” Laver added. 


“Federer can win the Wimbledon and US Open but not French Open “ predicts Rod Laver 

Roger Federer

Rod Laver also believes that Roger Federer has a good chance of winning the Wimbledon or the US Open this season, but not the French open. The style of play that Roger has he will surely win some more trophies too, thinks Laver. Laver also said that  he had a chat with Federer last year. In that chat Federer reveled to him said he will play on till 40. Laver concluded by saying that the knee was giving Federer trouble in the past. But now that he has got it operated, Laver thinks he will be good for that.  

“Roger, when I chatted to him the past year or so, he thought he’d play his best until he’s 40 and I think he’s pretty much on it,” Laver said. “Unfortunately, you know, his knee has been giving him some trouble. So he had an operation on the knee that will set him in good position.” 

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