Roger Federer reveals his most favorite ‘DARK’ nickname


Former World No.1, Roger Federer has revealed his favorite nickname during the launch of his limited-edition sneakers called ‘The Roger in Zurich’. Federer is still recovering from the double operation on his right knee which will keep him still until next year’s beginning.

Federer’s surgery ruled him out of the French Open, but weeks after his surgery the entire tennis calendar was thrown into chaos, thanks to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

During the launch, the 20 time Grand Slam champion answered many fan’s questions. The 38-year-old from Basel said that it has been 4-5 months at his home in Switzerland for the first time in 25 years.

“It’s the first time I have been in Switzerland for this long because of the pandemic,” Roger Federer said.

“I have been traveling for the last 25 years. The longest I have been at home (during this period) is probably 5-6 weeks. Here we are, 4-5 months in, we are still in Switzerland. Enjoying myself, Life quality has been great. It is summer now. It’s been nice for us as a family as well. I have spent a lot of time rehabbing, being on crutches, recovering from the surgery, just taking it to step by step. I must say I am feeling much better already again. (But) I am not at the level that I can play tennis fully yet. I think the goal is really to be ready for next year,” Federer added.

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Federer on his favorite nickname

Roger also talked about which nickname was his favourite.

“I have had a lot of nicknames during my career. One of them was Dark Federer. It was because of the dark outfit, not the character. People know I am a friendly guy, nice guy, but I am not the evil guy,” Federer stated.

Furthermore, he revealed his second most favourite sport and favourite player in that sport.

“He wants me to say cricket is my second favorite sport and Sachin Tendulkar to be my favorite player. I love cricket but it is not my second best. I will probably go with football and Zinedine Zidane,” Federer said.

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