Ronaldo dedicates Italian Title to Corona patients


Ronaldo scored one and missed a penalty in Juventus’s encounter with Sampordia. Later Bernadeschi also netted a goal to give the Bianconeris a lead of 2-0. This win confirmed Juve as the winners of Serie – A for the 2019-2020 campaign. This is Juventus’s ninth consecutive Serie-A title.

Juve secured their Italian title with two games in hand. Ronaldo is currently on 31 goals 3 behind Lazio’s Ciro Immobile who’s on 34. It is highly unlikely that the 35 year old would be able to beat immobile in the golden boot race. Ronaldo dedicated their title win to Juventus fans suffering from Coronavirus.

In an Instagram post Ronaldo wrote, ”Done! Champions of Italy,Delighted for the second consecutive championship and to continue building the history of this great and splendid club. This title is dedicated to all Juve fans, in particular to those who have suffered and are suffering from the pandemic that has taken us all by surprise by overturning the world”.

“It was not easy! Your courage, your attitude and your determination were the strength we needed to face this tight final of the championship and fight to the end for this title that belongs to all of Italy. A big hug to you all!” He later added.

Ronaldo Dybala partnership

In a post-Match Interview, Sarri praised Both Ronaldo and Dybala by saying “Ronaldo and Dybala make the difference on the field, so clearly they deserve a lot of credit, but the club behind them is every bit as important”. We have a president and directors who attend training every day, are there to exchange ideas, see if you need anything and put petrol in the tank of this team. The club are a big part of why they were able to win for so many years. They back you even when you lose.

“In terms of organisation, Juventus are at the top of European football. I could not have asked for anything more. Obviously, it takes a while to settle in, understand the approach, the way things work here, then after a while you can start trying to tweak a few things. You can’t just walk straight into a club that has won for eight years in a row and immediately try to order changes. That wouldn’t be very intelligent”. Later added Sarri.

It is quite evident that Ronaldo and Dybala’s partnership proved very crucial for Juventus’s 9th consecutive title win. The Duo have been involved in the 90% of Juve’s goals in Italian Championship.

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