Ronaldo has ‘no privilege’ to train during lockdown: Authorities

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Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly been advised by his local authorities, that he has ‘no privilege to train’, after he was spotted training at Madeira’s national stadium.

Earlier, The five-time Ballon d’Or winner already returned to his homeland before this Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic resulted in shutting down not only football but also every sport around the world.

Madeira’s regional secretary of health Pedro Ramos said in an interaction with, “Ronaldo has no special permission to train. Cristiano Ronaldo has the right to train as long as he respects the rules like all citizens, there is no privilege.”

“All citizens can leave the house and do so, as long as they do not cause gatherings and maintain a safe distance during the exercise. Therefore, Ronaldo did what we have seen. There was no special authorisation because we are all the same, we are all facing the same pandemic,” he added.

Besides, Ramos has also urged the global football star to set an example for the community by following the government’s advice.

“The best player in the world must use his image to set an example, but Cristiano seems to me to have done just a few minutes of exercise and, therefore, there is no harm in the world”, he said.

Before lockdown, Ronaldo was seen in action on the 8th of March.


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