Ronaldo plays the game like no one else, he is a machine says Tino Livramento


Chelsea’s Tino Livramento said that Cristiano Ronaldo plays the game like no one else and also calling Portuguese footballer a ‘machine’. He performed on a field like a pro with no fear.

“As a young footballer I mentioned earlier I always looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo. The way he plays the game with no fear and so much confidence really inspired me – he plays the game like no one else and is a machine,” the club’s official website quoted Livramento as saying.

Tino claim that Ronaldo astonishing performance and achievements are the result of his work ethic and his dedication and passion been him to stay at top.

“To still be scoring the amount of goals that he is now is astonishing but it is a result of his work ethic and willingness to stay at the top of the game and prove that he is the best. Also for me having Portuguese blood he inspires me make my family proud,” he said.

From Chelsea, Livramento named former player Didier Drogba and club’s current manager Frank Lampard whom he looked up to.

“As a Chelsea fan at that time I looked up to players such as Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard, they signify what it means to be a Chelsea player and the standards they set were world-class,” Livramento said.


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