“I’d be open to it,” Rose Namajunas is open for a rematch against Zhang Weili

Rose Namajunas is open to a rematch against Zhang Weili.

Rose Namajunas Zhang Weili
Rose Namajunas vs Zhang Weili

“Thug” Rose Namajunas dropped the former women’s strawweight champion Zhang Weili with a perfectly timed head-kick and snapped her 21-fight win streak.

Rose Namajunas head kick
Rose Namajunas head kick

In the post-fight press conference, she admitted that she was confident in her power and said, “I felt like there was a really good chance that I could drop Weili, for sure. My power is something different. Not a lot of girls hit like me. And that’s just something that I’ve been over time believing in a little more and more.”

When asked about the possibility of a rematch she said, “We’ll talk about it, it’s understandable that she’s pretty upset about how quickly it went and everything like that, but that was perfect time and everything like that, so I’d be open to it, but we’ll have to see.”

Rose Namajunas thinks Trevor Whitman’s training along with awesome genetics helped her a lot

Trevor Wittman Rose Namajunas
Trevor Wittman and Rose Namajunas

Her head kick was a thing of beauty and according to her, it was the result of a lot of hard-word, and awesome genetics. In the post-fight press conference, she said, “I’ve been building my dexterity in my legs a lot lately, it’s just been something that’s been happening over time. I have a Taekwondo background and I think it’s like the longest leg reach in the female division, I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think it’s up there.

She also credited Trevor Wittman’s training and added, “That’s something that once we got fundamentals, and the jab and the boxing fundamentals for MMA, we just start adding in the Pat Barry kicks in there again.”

It was a very emotional moment for her as she reclaimed her title after losing it back in 2019, her hands were shaking when Dana White wrapped the belt around her, and in the end, it was all worth it.

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