Why Rozhok is the Favorite Choice for Landing in PUBG Mobile?

Rozhok is a place where everyone wants to hunt enemies at. It is the most favorite drop location of PUBG Mobile fans. Check out the beautiful story of Rozhok in simple words.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played smartphone games of our decade. With the high-end graphics, quality sound, unique concept, maps, and whatnot, the game is an overall package for every action gaming fan. Out of all the maps in the game, Erangel is the choice of the majority. 8 out of 10 PUBG fans will opt for Erangel in any classic squad game mode. The fanbase of the map is worth looking out for in the game.

What more interesting about the Erangel map is the drop locations. Some are hot drops, some moderate, while some are just spawned places to jump in. Out of all the locations on the map, Rozhok is the most preferred one. The reason for this is pretty simple – it is situated in the middle of the map. As per the observations, the Rozhok map is almost the center of every flight path in the game.

Rozhok in PUBG Mobile: Understanding the Area and Popularity

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Additionally, other good loot locations like School and Pochinki are nowhere too far from Rozhok. Most of the players like to hunt for more enemies after looting enough from the Rozhok warehouses and buildings. This is one of the plus points of dropping off at Rozhok.

Another reason why Rozhok is the best of all to land is that there are enough buildings to defend yourself during fights. You can jump at the top of Rozhok and hunt for weapons in the building and nearby warehouse. Also, if you are loaded with enough armors and weapons, you can scale out at enemies either in the middle or rightmost areas of the place.

Moreover, there is another very interesting key point of landing at Rozhok. If you take your parachute to the hillside of Rozhok and School, you can take away the vehicle to move inside the map. The vehicle is right behind the first house near the hilltop.

If you one who hasn’t yet made the mind to jump in at Rozhok, what are you waiting for? The place is full with adventure fights, loots, scopes, armors, and most importantly – enough buildings to defend.

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