RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5

The RPG and Homing missiles are the two most popular explosive weapons in GTA 5. This article compares the Homing Missile and the RPG to conclude the better.

RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5
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Explosive weapons are one of the most used weapons in GTA 5. They are necessary items in today’s GTA Online scenario where almost every vehicle in Armored and almost every mission in-game involves bringing down some sort of vehicle. The go-to weapons when it comes to the explosive range are the RPGs and the Homing Missiles. However, it is important to compare them to give you an edge when it comes down to the preferrable weapon to bring into battle.

RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5
RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5 4

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RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5:


RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5
RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5 5

The RPG is one of the most popular weapons in the GTA series. It has made distinctive appearances even in the older games. It ranks among the top 5 weapons in GTA according to damage. It has a long and narrow design with a conical, bowling pin-like charge on the nose. It features a free-aim and shoot system to fire and does not feature any type of locking mechanism. It is extremely powerful and takes out most targets in a single hit. Even armored vehicles can be destroyed in a few hits. The major downside to the RPG is that it can only be purchased after reaching Rank 100 in GTA 5 Online. This means new players and even some intermediate players cannot purchase it.

Homing Missile:

RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5
RPG vs Homing missile in GTA 5 6

The Homing Missile has also been present in the older GTA games. It however hasn’t been as popular in the older games when compared to GTA 5. It features a broad and cylindrical design somewhat resembling a pipe. It is very powerful, although not as powerful as the RPG. It can destroy most vehicles in 1 hit but struggles against armored targets. It, however, features a targeting system that can lock on opponents or enemy vehicles and hit them accurately even when they are moving. It also generally the weapon fitted in weaponized vehicles such as the Oppressor MK II or Deluxo.


Although both are very powerful weapons, the Homing Missile easily wins the battle as the better weapon to use in GTA 5. It features an automatic lock-on system which the RPG lacks. Although it deals lesser damage, the locking system can prove to be useful in almost every situation. Most vehicle targets in GTA are moving and therefore the lock-on system becomes a useful feature, especially when dealing with air vehicles such as helicopters. Also, the homing missile is featured on most weaponized vehicles. This wide availability along with the lock on ability alone is enough to set itself apart from the RPG.

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