BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021): RPM2 and C1S2 schedule revealed

Krafton has released the patch notes for August, 2021 where it has fixed some issues faced by the players as well as revealed the dates of RPM2 and C1S2.

BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021): RPM2 and C1S2 schedule revealed
BGMI Patch Notes

Krafton has recently launched BGMI Patch Notes for the month of August this year. The new patch note has revealed the dates of RPM2 as well as given information about the beginning of C1S2 schedule.

In the previous patch note which was released in the month of July brought several changes to the game, with the 1.5 update, Mission Ignition Mode was introduced in the Evoground Mode and players were quite satisfied with the changes. BGMI also fixed some other issues like getting stuck in loading screen while wearing Unicorn-set outfits with 2nd July Client Patch Notice. Krafton is also encouraging the players to report the issues they’re facing in the game so that Krafton can fix them as soon as possible.

The recent BGMI Patch Notes has also fixed several issues faced by the players. Down below, we have informed our readers about the details of the patch notes released by Krafton.

BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021)

BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021): RPM2 and C1S2 schedule revealed
BGMI August Patch Notes

The latest BGMI Patch Notice was released on August 10th, 2021 at 14:40 PM and it can be applied after restarting the game. Following changes have been made with the latest patch notes:

Royal Pass Schedule

BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021): RPM2 and C1S2 schedule revealed

M2 : 2021/08/13 07:30:00 ~ 2021/09/17 05:30:00

With the new update, the duration of Royal Pass was changed to 1 month with maximum attainable rank of 50. There will be two RPs launched in each Season. RPM1 known as Tek Era is scheduled to end today i.e 12th August,2021 and the second month of RPM2 known as Project T will be available for the players on 13th August,2021 at 7:30 AM IST as per the latest BGMI Patch Notes

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C1S2 schedule & C1S1 end date

BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021): RPM2 and C1S2 schedule revealed

C1S2 starts on 2021/09/17 07:30:00

There will be two RPs launched in each Season which is now known as C1S1- Cycle 1 Season 1. Each cycle will contain 3 seasons for the players. C1S1 was released for the players on 2021/07/14 07:30:00 and is set to end on 2021/09/16 05:30:00 Battle points during the period – 2021/09/16 05:30:00 ~ 2021/09/17 07:30:00 won’t be counted.

Mission Ignition Mode

BGMI Patch Notes (August 2021): RPM2 and C1S2 schedule revealed
Mission Ignition Mode

Ends on 2021/09/14 05:30:00

Mission Ignition Mode which revamped the Erangel map with some never-seen before features is scheduled to end on 14th September, 2021.

Fixed Issues

Krafton has also fixed some issues with August Client Patch Notice

  • Aim effect error with Ancient Snake DP28
  • Unable to punch intermittently in Arcade Mode
  • Character being able to hide in containers
  • Character getting stuck in the assembly line in factory
  • Tongue sticking effect of Fool’s Surprise, The Fool – M416’s Lv.6 feature, not working in the Lab

Meanwhile, players can also win a time-limited AWM skin (Purple Magnolia) by participating in the BGMI Independence Mahotsav, Krafton has already released different missions for the event.

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