Rumor: Noble eSports in talks with Velocity Gaming over some kind of a deal

Rumors on Noble eSports in a deal with Velocity gaming. seen on velocity gaming Discord server today at a particular time.


Recently we all saw that Noble Esports Disbanded their Valorant roster. The Noble Valorant Roster was one of the best Rosters in India it had players  Simar ‘psy’ Sethi, Tejas ‘Rex’ Kotian, Shakir ‘hikkA’ Razak, Harsh ‘Harsh’ Arora, and Sami “SSSami”. They were one of the best talents in India. Noble invested a large amount in these players in September. Recently they mutually parted ways. Simar Sethi put a story on Instagram about the mutual parting ways with Noble Esports. Noble eSports are in talks with Velocity gaming.

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Rumors on Noble eSports in a deal with Velocity:

Noble eSports recently parted ways mutually with their Valorant Roster. But there are speculations that Noble eSports are into a deal with Velocity Esports. A recent post on Instagram by Noble eSports shows that Noble eSports will be back with their new valorant Roster.

” We aren’t done with Valorant in India and will be back sooner than you think”, Says Noble eSports

The post says due to some issues that fractured decisions and had to part ways with the team. Wishing each and every player in the team All the best. So, it’s clear that there were some issues that led to the parting ways with their roster. But the reason is still unknown.

By some anonymous sources, we have got to know that Noble eSports deals with Velocity Gaming. The Rumors all started after seeing the picture of Noble eSports management in the discord server of Velocity Gaming. The Management members of Noble eSports were seen in the Velocity discord server at a particular time today and then went to a private channel from a general channel. Here is a snippet that shows the picture of three main personalities of Noble Esports.

The persons in the image from the top are:

  • NOBLE Ronin: Anshuman Dash: Head of Operations South Asia
  • Cory Carruth CEO
  • Kyle owner Owner and Founder of Noble Esports

So the deal is still in talks and yet need a confirmation from both the organizations.

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