Ryan Reynolds to Buy Welsh Club Wrexham FC

Wrexham FC

Two Hollywood stars are reportedly looking to buy out Welsh club Wrexham FC. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are interested in buying the National League club.

Why are they buying it?

Ryan Reynolds

The Proposal and Deadpool actor is friends with McElhenney for quite some time. On the other hand, Rob is best known as the creator of the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There are rumours but it remains unclear as to why they would want to buy this club.

In true Reynold’s fashion, he retweeted a 2012 tweet that a Wrexham resident telling her friend about painting a nude in her drawing class. She commented that she wished it was Reynolds. “he was middle aged, mid 40’s I’d say. Making drawing him less fun. I wouldn’t mind if it was Ryan Reynolds though 😉 #dreamon she tweeted.

Suprisingly, he even wrote back to her by saying “You never know” and that it was 8 years in the waiting. 

With the two Hollywood stars injecting roughly $2 million into the club, it will be a huge boost to this low tier team who have been facing a massive financial hit. Moreover, with Coronavirus in play, the financial debts just keep on building up, and hopefully, this takeover will help Wrexham grow as it was meant to.

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