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Ryu And Chun-Li Are Joining The Brawlhalla X Street Fighter Collaboration

The Brawlhalla X Street Fighter collaboration is complete and now players can now enjoy the event. Here we will take a look at Ryu and Chun-Li joining Brawlhalla with Akuma and new events.

Brawlhalla X Street Fighter

Ryu and Chun-Li are the two most popular characters in the virtual gaming world. The characters have made appearances in many games of different genres. The Street Fighter veterans recently made their cameos in Fortnite and Power Rangers games.

Brawlhalla and Street Fighter has made one of the biggest free-to-play platform fighter’s crossover yet. This crossover event will also introduce many new characters and modes to Brawlhalla. Here we will take a look at the Brawlhalla X Street Fighter collaboration.

Brawlhalla X Street Fighter Collaboration Event

Brawlhalla X Street Fighter

Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma are joining Brawlhalla during a special crossovers event, and they’re bringing their best moves including Ryu’s Hadoken and Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick to Brawlhalla. The crossover event will also add a new game mode: Street Brawl, which adds health bars for one-on-one Street Fighter-style fights. Players can fight in a new map based on Suzaku Castle (Ryu’s classic stage).

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Ryu and Chun-Li joins Brawlhalla X Street Fighter Event

There will also be a new Street Fighter-style K.O. Effect, an Emote based on Akuma’s Satsui no Hado victory pose, and avatars featuring Zangief, the Shadaloo emblem, a Hadoken, and an animated quarter-circle punch. 

Brawlhalla enthusiasts can use Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma in their fighting game of choice. Brawlhalla X Street Fighter event co-occurs with an in-game event featuring a new mode called Street Brawl, which adopts Street Fighter’s health bars and adds other aesthetic effects inspired by Capcom’s fighting game franchise. Brawlhalla is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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