SAI makes training plan for Tokyo-bound para athletes and NCOE athletes from Oct 5

Sports Authority of India has decided that para-athletes and those in NCOEs can resume training in a phased manner.

Sports Authority of India

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has decided to resume sporting activities of Tokyo Olympics bound Para-athletes and athletes in SAI’s National Centre of Excellence (NCOEs) across the country, in a phased manner.

In the first phase, SAI had started training for Olympics athletes at SAI centres since these centres encompass captive infrastructures and hence would ensure protection against Covid-19.

In the next phase, the resumption of sporting activities for Tokyo Olympics bound para-athletes and athletes in NCOEs has been planned in stages for nine disciplines, including para-athletics, para-powerlifting, para shooting, para archery, cycling, hockey, weightlifting, archery, wrestling, Judo, athletics, boxing and fencing. This is also organized only at SAI centres so as to avoid Covid transmission.

To ensure athletes’ safety, SAI has decided that athletes will be divided into batches to indulge in sporting activities. The first phase of sports resumption is likely to begin on October 5, 2020. SAI has also directed the Regional Centres to maintain the bio-bubble (Zoning) to prevent any possible chance of transmission of the virus among trainees at the NCOEs.

It has therefore been decided that coaches, support staff who would be involved in training of athletes will also be housed in the NCOE in order to maintain the integrity of the bio-bubble for the safety of all athletes Further, SAI has also decided to support athletes from sports where SAI does not have captive infrastructures.

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