Sajan Prakash stuck in Thailand, trying his best to keep fit


Indian swimmer, Sajan Prakash reportedly went to Phuket to resume training with his Spanish Coach named Miguel Lopez at FINA Aquatic center. But due to the ongoing countrywide lockdown in Phuket, he is now stuck there with the other 17 trainees. He was recovering from his neck injury and wanted to start training for Olympic qualifiers.

Sajan said “We were caught unawares. The disease was spreading rapidly and the decision was taken all of a sudden. The airport was closed and we couldn’t do anything but stay at the centre. I am sharing a room with my fellow trainee and nothing to worry about. But the lockdown is set to continue till the end of this month and in all probability will be extended. The pool is closed and there is no training but we do exercises and work out in the gym daily to keep ourselves fit.”

Sajan has already received the B standard in Olympic and was now aiming for A standard. He tried this in Bhopal Nationals but unfortunately did not succeed.

Sajan also showed his disappointment towards the postponement of Tokyo Olympic as he trained for four years to compete at the highest level in Olympics and now will to follow the whole process again for qualification. He also says, that he is already one year back due to injury and one year is a huge time for a sportsperson.

After lockdown, he will consult his personal coach S.pradeep Kumar and Miguel Lopez but he also says that this time is also agonising for him to wait for the lockdown to get over.


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