Salah and Mane have the quality to play for Real Madrid, but they shouldn’t: Anelka

Ex-Real Madrid boss Del Bosque reveals Nicolas Anelka refused to ...

Nicolas Anelka has advised Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane to not leave Merseyside for Santiago Bernabeu. The former Liverpool loanee said from his own experience of playing in Madrid.

Anelka says that the Liverpool star forwards have the quality to play for Real Madrid, but they should be looking to stay at Anfield. Having already won the Champions League and Premier League in the last two seasons, rumours of them linking to big clubs continue.

Anelka who left Arsenal’s ‘comfort zone’ for Real Madrid in 1999 says Salah and Mane should not do the same leaving their ‘comfort zone’.

Talking about the front three

Mo Salah, Sadio Mane & Roberto Firmino have scored one goal v Man ...

The Frenchman Anelka who played for Liverpool in 2001-02 said, “It is an amazing front three.”

“I love them all, especially Roberto Firmino because he is the key for Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane’s success. Salah and Mane are ranking in the top 5 best players in the world right now.

Move to Real Madrid

Anelka says that there is quality, but the move is not the right choice. “They have the quality to play for Real Madrid. But today Liverpool can compete with Real Madrid, so they don’t need to move. Liverpool is very much the place to be.”

On Liverpool’s league title

“The players can be proud after 30 years of waiting. It is a shame it had to come at the same time as this coronavirus so they won’t be able to celebrate with the fans like they should. But it will do,” Anelka added.

On Jurgen Klopp

The Frenchman was full of praise for Jurgen Klopp saying that he brought the club to top where it actually should be.

“Jurgen Klopp is a genius. I love his work; the way he is with his players and the player he has signed. They’re top-class players. They will be competitive for many years. Klopp has brought the club back to where it deserves.”

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