Sandesh Jhingan geared up for his long-awaited return


Fit-again India’s football team mainstay Sandesh Jhingan has been utilizing his time in lockdown to come back to the field after recovering from an injury brooked in October last year as he missed the entire ISL season for Kerala Blasters FC.

As the sporting world is opening up again, Jhingan thinks that football leagues giving an example to the rest of the countries on how to progress in the post-COVID-19 scenario as the apex body allows five substitutions as a step in the right direction evaluating the situations.

Jhingan also said that a lot of leagues are under pressure as they are binding up the leagues in a short period of time and substitutions rule change will definitely ease some of the workloads on the players.

“Under the circumstances and considering the health of the players, it is a good move. In Europe, many countries will have to finish their leagues in a short amount of time, which will mean more games in a shorter duration and a lot of physical work and injury concerns for the players. But I think it’s a temporary measure,” Jhingan said, who was targeting now rescheduled World Cup Qualifier against Qatar for March for return to the field, ” he said.

While everyone is asked to stay indoors due to lockdown, Jhingan said that if things don’t settle by the beginning of the season, he also not unwilling to playing without spectators.

“I don’t know exactly how things will unfold. Fans do provide an extra edge to the game but at the end of the day if the game has to go on behind closed doors so be it. As a footballer, you have a job to do. When you are focused on the match you hardly even notice the crowd but I don’t think I’ll mind playing in empty stadiums. Yes, fans presence does provide motivation to a player,” Jhingan said.

“Personally, I can wait for another year to start playing if it helps in saving human life which is more important than football,” the 26-year-old added.

Jhingan who brooked by an injury in November said that he was very lucky to have right persons around him during his recovery.

“I was in constant touch with coach Igor Stimac and wanted to join the national team in March but the situation didn’t allow that to happen. I am lucky to have found the right persons be it doctors, physios and trainers who all helped me in recovery. I have been having sessions in my gym at home and have been following the national programme set for me by the team management,” Jhingan said.

Jhingan has attained a collection of poems and rare short stories but he had to take a break from it in order to concentrate on recovery.

“It’s something that I have been doing passionately for the last 8-9 years now. I have a good collection of poems and few short stories also but I find the process very draining emotionally as you get attached to your characters. So, had to stop to focus on my comeback. I have completed a set but haven’t decided if I will publish it as of now or in the near future,” Jhingan said.


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