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ScoutOP vs Hydra Dynamo: Who has better stats in BGMI as of July 2021?

Hydra Dynamo and ScoutOP are two remarkable BGMI players. Take a look at this article to know who has better statistics in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Dynamo vs Scout

ScoutOP aka Tanmay Singh and Dynamo aka Aaditya Sawant are highly skilled players of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Both compete head to head in every tournament. This article takes a look at look at two highly admired players of BGMI- ScoutOP vs Hydra Dynamo.


When it comes to Battlegrounds Mobile India, both of these players are truly remarkable. They made themselves known through PUBG Mobile and has come a long way since then. Now, there will hardly be any player who hasn’t heard these names. ScoutOP plays the role of a fragger as well as a supporter in the game whereas Dynamo is known for his sniping skills.Dynamo is one of the richest BGMI streamer with monthly earnings of $7.8K  –  $124.7K and enjoys a whopping 9 million subscribers in his youtube channel. Scout comes just after Dynamo with approx monthly earnings of $9.7K to $156K.

Now, let us know who is the best player of Battlegrounds Mobile India by comparing their stats in BGMI for the current (C1S1) as of July 2021.


ScoutOP vs Hydra Dynamo: Stats comparison

ScoutOP vs Hydra Dynamo

Hydra Dynamo and ScoutOP established themselves through PUBG Mobile and have become well-known faces in the eSports community of India. Both the players hold experience of competitive gameplay. They recently took part in BGMI Launch Party but failed to grab the top position. Nevertheless, their experience in PUBGM makes their gameplay in BGMI quite tactful.

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ScoutOP earlier played for prominent eSports organizations such as Fnatic & Orange Rock. He has joined Team SouL lately along with Mavi. He was the first player to bring the claw control technique in PUBGM.

ScoutOP’s BGMI ID is 527797232 and his IGN is AlbertTheFlank. His statistics for C1S1 are mentioned below:

ScoutOP stats
Matches  Played82
F/D Ratio3.91
Top 1051
Most Finishes14
Highest Damage2016

Dynamo is the leader of Team Hydra and holds the first position in popularity ranking of BGMI. He started his youtube career way back in 2010. He solely focused on PUBGM and later shifted to BGMI. He is also known for his legendary phrase ‘Patt se Headshot’ as he has mastered his sniping skills over the recent years.

Dynamo’s BGMI ID is 591948701 and his IGN is Hydra Dynamo. His statistics for C1S1 are mentioned below

Dynamo stats
Hydra DynamoStatistics
Matches Played32
Top 1022
F/D Ratio3.50
Most Finishes11
Highest Damage1342


Upon overall comparison we can see that Scout is ahead of Dynamo in every aspect such as F/D Ratio and most finishes. However, it is also important to note that ScoutOP has played more matches than Dynamo in this season as of July 2021. When we compare the headshots, it is again Scout who has the upper hand. Both the players live stream their gameplay regularly and it is certainly an eye-feast to watch them.

Both the players have mastered their gaming skills through constant practice, grinding and participating in scrims. Players are eagerly waiting to see their performance in the upcoming eSports tournament of BGMI i.e. BGMI India Series 2021. The registrations are going to close within 3 days if you’re willing to register in the tournament, you can do so by clicking here.

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