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Scrapped plans for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship revealed

WWE’s scrapped plans for the Raw Women’s Championship were recently revealed. Lacey Evans was supposed to win the Championship.

Lacey Evans was supposed to win the WWE Raw Women's Championship
Lacey Evans was supposed to win the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

WWE Superstar Lacey Evans recently announced her pregnancy on an episode of WWE Raw. The announcement came during a match which was supposed to build Evans for a Championship match at the Elimination Chamber.

Soon after the announcement, the Championship match between Asuka and Evans was taken off the card. The WWE Universe was expecting that Asuka might face some other wrestler at the PPV, but that was not the case.

A recent report on Fightful revealed that the original plan was for Lacey Evans to emerge victorious in the Championship match. She would become the WWE Raw Women’s Championship and hol the title till Wrestlemania 37. The Lacey Evans – Charlotte Flair feud would get the Championship angle, concluding at Mania.

There were also plans to involve Ric Flair physically in the feud, but he wasn’t cleared. Since the announcement, the feud has been completely scrapped. WWE is now building up towards a match between Asuka and Flair.

Current plans for Wrestlemania 37

Flair reveals her intentions to win the Championship

Asuka will be putting her title on the line at Wrestlemania 37 against her former tag team partner Charlotee Flair. On a recent episode of Raw, Flair accidentally hit Asuka and she was pinned by Baszler.

 On a later episode, Flair announced in a segment that she wanted to face Asuka. But before the challenge could be accepted, Flair was interrupted by Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. The duo defeated Flair and Asuka at the Royal Rumble kick-off show, to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

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