“I think his confidence is incredibly low,” Mark Webber on Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is having a torrid start to his career at Aston Martin.

Sebastian Vettel
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Sebastian Vettel endured a difficult season at Ferrari last year, where he was outscored by his teammate, Charles Leclerc. The German joined Aston Martin at the end of last season, but has struggled so far. The four time F1 champion has failed to make the Q3 in the past 15 races.

Mark Webber, former Red Bull driver and Vettel’s ex-teammate believes that the German’s attitude is shattered at the moment. He believes that the current standard of the car does not suit Sebastian Vettel. Moreover, the Australian believes that Vettel put in a lot of effort at Ferrari, that has left him tired.

I think his confidence is incredibly low now,” the Australian told Marca. “His time at Ferrari didn’t work out for him. Sport puts men and women to the test sometimes, but in his case it was a very long period of time. I think the standards of these cars don’t suit Sebastian very well, they are not his type of car. He likes cars with a lot of grip, a lot of downforce and he is a very delicate driver, with a lot of feeling with the car,” Webber added.

Remember Monza in the rain with the Toro Rosso? It was unbelievable, he got away from everyone that day. But when there is less grip, with the Pirelli… the cars now give you less confidence and the rules don’t suit him,” he continued.

I want to see Vettel do well: Webber

Mark Webber believes that it is disheartening to see Sebastian Vettel struggle in F1, despite his dominance at Red Bull in the last decade. Moreover, Webber stated that he does not like to see the German struggle, as it is often put forward.

I don’t like it. People think I enjoy watching him suffer and no, I’m not happy,” Webber added. “I want to see him do well because it’s very strange to see him so different from how he was. But this is F1, we can’t not complain about the drivers who don’t perform,” he concluded.

“It’s the top, we have to celebrate drivers like Norris, Leclerc or Max performing well. If you are a driver who is at the end of his career, or who is suffering… you also have to talk about it,” Webber added.

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