Sebastian Vettel hits back after Fernando Alonso’s ‘Better Driver’ remark

"Does not sound right to me": Sebastian Vettel on Alonso being better than him comment

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

Lately, former World Champion Fernando Alonso made quite the buzz saying he is better than Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Which resulted in F1 fans opinionizing on this matter and many of whom has quite contradictory comments upon Alonso’s remark. 

Now, add Sebastian Vettel to that list as well. Claiming that he has no problem in his rivals having their own opinion, he reckoned that such comments could be deemed as “ignorant”. Vettel was amidst a tough 2-year phase with Ferrari between 2019 and 2020. The German struggled with form and lost to his teammate, Charles Leclerc, handing Ferrari more reasons to sack him. And that’s exactly how the reality turned out. 

Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso 

As reported by Inews, Sebastian Vettel opened up that such comments don’t sound right to him despite taking it the easy way. 

It does not sound right to me to sit here and say I’m the best. But if others choose to do so that is okay with me. I have no problem with that,” he said. 

But it would be ignorant to neglect or forget the amount of talent that is out there and what other people can do as well, how hard they work. And sometimes, even if I don’t like it, beat me when they are better. Then it’s about how you react.” 

Talking about the upcoming season, Vettel said, “In the past five, six, seven years it has been Mercedes at the top. And if you wanted to win the championship you had to be in that car. Plus the combination obviously of Lewis. I’m not giving any discredit.” 

What I am convinced of is that I can be among the best, be the best. I have proven to be that. But that does not give you a guarantee that you are the best every single day,” he continued. 

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