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Selecting Players based on Existing Criteria

The player selection committee has formally stated both the selected groups of the AICF, the only list of players who are eligible for selection of the upcoming Online Chess Olympiad, side-lining all controversies.

As per the existing rules, the selection would be based on the international ratings of the player. The two selection sub-groups are led by PR Venketrama Raja and Bharat Singh Chauhan respectively. While the senior players are majorly the same, the list differs in terms of junior players, raising hopes of 8 players. The reason why lower-ranked players are not included is, that it would bring down the average rating of the entire team. If India selects Top-ranked players, they surely have a chance to win.

Players selected by Raja are – Aradhya Garg, Mitrabha Guha, Shrishti Pandey, Arpita Mukherjee.

Players selected by Chauhan are – GM V Anand, GM Vidit Gujrathi, GM Nihal Sarin, GM Koneru Humpy, GM Drona Haramvalli, WGM R. Vaishali, as published by Times OF India.

AICF Secretary appointed by Raja, Vijay Deshpande stated, “This is not the final list. The selection committee will go through the list and can suggest other names”. Nevertheless, Vijay Deshpande has still approached the players about their willingness to participate in a competition such as this.

Meanwhile, in a letter to Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju, Chess Players Forum President Master Varugeese Koshy said, “As we have anticipated and feared, the feud seems to have reached a flashpoint currently, as the two factions have selected two different teams to represent the country in the FIDE Online Olympiad 2020 to be held between 22nd July and August 30th.”

Source: Times of India

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