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Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou says Serena is ready for the US Open

The US Open is just some months away and every tennis player has started practicing hard. The former World No.1 Serena Williams is also preparing harder for the US Open. She has not won any Grand Slam title since the last 2 years. She is desperate to win her 24th Grand Slam and everyone knows her desperation for it.


After her pregnancy in 2018, Serena has lost 4 Grand Slam titles. She reached the finals  but couldn’t win.

However, Serena Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou is very confident of her chances this season and is optimistic that she will win this season. Patrick said, “I believe she will. She’s doing great, she’s been resting a lot the first weeks, she needed rest anyways because her knee needed some rest. Then she started to rebuild her fitness, and the last 3-4 weeks she’s been practicing tennis,”  Patrick was speaking with EssentiallySports about Serena’s preparation. Patrick stated that Serena was practising hard. 


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Though Serena and Patrick are miles apart, Serena in the US while Patrick in France, Patrick said that Serena sends him video clips of her practice and then they discuss.

Patrick said,  “She was filming her practices and sending them to me so we could talk about it, and I feel she’s doing well, she’s practicing hard.”

Patrick added that Serena has set her goal for the US Open and she is practicing extremely hard since the announcement about the US Open was made.

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