She made me realize the big picture: Virat Kohli calls Anushka a ‘Blessing’


Indian cricket team Captain Virat Kohli credited his wife Anushka Sharma for changing him as a person and making him a more practical individual. This couple has won a lot of hearts and have been giving relationship goals since they got married in December 2017.

Chat show with Mayank Agarwal

During the Open Nets with Mayank, the BCCI chat show with Mayank Agarwal as host, Kohli opened up about his relationship with Anushka.

“I give her full credit for making me see a different side altogether. I’m so grateful that she is my life partner because you learn from each other. I was a very close person before, wasn’t very practical. When you see another person and know that your life partner has a different outlook on things, you invariably are challenged to see another point of view,” Kohli said.

BCCI posted a video featuring the chat between Virat Kohli and Myanak. The tweet read, ”The much-awaited Part 2 featuring King Kohli on #OpenNetsWithMayank is OUT NOW. In this candid chat with @mayankcricket, @imVkohli reminisces some good old days, opens up about some of his life-changing moments and more…”

“That was something that changed my mindset completely. I was much closed, rigid, did not have an understanding of things that well. She made me realize a lot of things that are to do with the larger picture. My responsibility as a player, with who I am today and what that brings along with it. Setting an example for people in the right manner, the realization of all these things has come from being with Anushka,” he added.

In the first part of Mayank Agarwal’s online chat show, Virat Kohli revealed that he made a cake for Anushka on her birthday.

“I will always give her full credit for that. You have to acknowledge and accept that something has happened in your life and you should be able to say, ‘yes this is the reason why I have understood so many things’. If that wasn’t the case I would have been the same person today, if I hadn’t met someone like her who is so convinced about what she wants to do, has a great understanding of minute things,” he mentioned how influential Anushka has been in his life.

“She understands people and situations so well. She made me realize a lot of things. It’s been an absolute blessing that I found a life partner like her and it has made me change as a person for good,” Kohli told his teammate Mayank Agarwal.

Currently, the couple is spending some time together because of the Pandemic situation.

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