Sheep in Minecraft: Spawn, Food, Breeding and more!

Sheep in Minecraft are an essential mob to craft the much needed bed and various other clothing accessories.

Sheep in Minecraft
Sheep in Minecraft: All you need to know

Sheep in Minecraft is a very important mob because of the items it drops when killed. In this article we take a look at Sheep in Minecraft and all its features.

Minecraft’s husbandry and farm mob are very necessary to build some basic but mandatory items in the game. Leather, meat and other necessary items can be easily obtained from the commonly found farm animals and players can even tame or breed them.

Down below we take a look at the Sheep in Minecraft and glace over at all its features.

Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep in Minecraft
Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep are commonly found passive mobs that have a thick layer of wool on them, that the players can obtain.

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Sheep can be found in almost all grassy biomes except snowy tundras and wooden badlands plateaus. A group of 2-3 sheep may spawn at the natural world generation.

Colors of Sheep

Sheep in Minecraft 2 - FirstSportz
Pink Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep in Minecraft come in 6 different colors naturally. These are:

  • White Sheep: 81% chance
  • Black Sheep: 5% chance
  • Light Gray: 5% chance
  • Gray Sheep: 5% chance
  • Brown Sheep: 3% chance
  • Pink Sheep: 1.15% chance

The Pink variant is the rarest natural color of a sheep and has a very rare chance of spawning. The baby pink sheep has a even rare chance at 0.008%.

Sheep can be artificially colored using dyes to produce same colored sheep.


Sheep in Minecraft
Sheep in Minecraft
  • Players get Block of Cotton and Raw mutton when killed.
  • They drop 1-2 Raw Mutton, and it is cooked if the sheep is set on fire before dying.
  • Players get 1 Block of Wool per sheep and it is the corresponding color of their skin. Players can also use Shears to shave the wool off the sheep without killing it.
  • 1-3 EXP is obtained when killing sheep.


Sheep in Minecraft
Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep eat Wheat which players can either find in Village farms or have to grow themselves. Players can feed two sheep Wheat and they will go into love mode and spawn a baby sheep.

If the two parents are of two different colors, then the baby will be a intermix of those colors. If both the parents have same color, then the baby will be of the same color.

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