Shiba vs Detective Panda in Free Fire: Pet Ability Comparison

Shiba vs Detective Panda in Free Fire: Pet Ability Comparison

Free Fire is a battle royal game different from other games of the same genre due to its unique features like characters and pets in-game. Players can choose a pet to accompany them. These pets, in return, assist the players with their special abilities. There are currently 13 pets in the game. Shiba and Detective Panda are two of the most demanded pets in Free Fire. In this article, we take a look at the comparison of Shiba vs Detective Panda in Free Fire based on their abilities.


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Shiba vs Detective Panda: Abilities in Free Fire

1. Shiba

Shiba is a dog pet in Free Fire. He’s also one of the most favorite pets in Free Fire. It has an ability called “Mushroom Sense”, At the highest level, Shiba will receive a new skin named Golden Tail which looks very cool. This marks the location of surrounding mushrooms on the map once every 180 seconds and the mark lasts for 30 seconds. By eating mushrooms, it increases the player’s EP which eventually gets converted into HP. On upgrading the pet to the 6th level, the pet will mark mushrooms on the map every 150 seconds. Shiba pet is available in the in-game stores’ section for 699 diamonds.

2. Detective Panda

Detective Panda, as the name suggests is a Panda with some serious abilities. He is one of the most liked pets in Free Fire. He has an ability called ‘Panda’s Blessings’. In the initial level, this ability restores 4 HP upon every kill. Upon upgrading the pet to level 6, it will unlock a new skin. However, at the max level, this ability can restore up to 10HP on every kill. Panda is one of the most demanding pets in Free Fire. Detective Panda is available in the Stores section for 699 diamonds.


On Comparing both:

Shiba and Detective Panda has somewhat similar skills in the game. Therefore it becomes really difficult to compare the both. Shiba pet’s skill is only applicable in Ranked/Classic modes whereas Detective Panda can be used in both Ranked as well as Clash Squad modes. Clearly, Detective Panda has a better skill compared to Shiba.

At the same time, Shiba helps the players locate mushrooms in the full map which on consumption increases the EP. The EP eventually adds on to your HP. This can prove to be efficient for the players who wish to camp and play safely. This was all about the comparison of Shiba and Detective Panda in Free Fire.

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