Shirou vs Elite Moco vs Clu: Who Is Best Character In Free Fire For September 2021?

Shirou vs Elite Moco vs Clu: Who Is Best Character In Free Fire For September 2021?

Shirou vs Elite Moco vs Clu

Garena’s Free Fire has one of the vast character rosters in the mobile battle royale genre for players to choose from. Here in this article, we will take a look at who is best in Free Fire among Shirou vs Elite Moco vs Clu for September 2021.

Elite Moco is the latest addition to the character roster of the title during the Moco: Rebirth event. There are 41 characters on the roster at present with new characters getting introduced with every new OB patch update. Let’s take a look at this ability comparison between these characters.


Clu (Tracing Steps)

Clu ability
Clu In Free Fire

Clu has an active ability known as ‘Tracing Steps‘. This ability lets her locate the position of enemies within 30m. However, the locations of the players who are in a squat position won’t be revealed.

This information is shared with teammates and the effect lasts for 5 seconds with a cooldown of 50s. At the maximum level, the radius becomes 50m and the effect lasts for 7 seconds.

Elite Moco (Enigma Eyes)

Elite Moco In Free Fire
Elite Moco In Free Fire

The all-new Elite Moco was introduced to characters on September 18th under the name Moco “Enigma“. Elite Moco comes with a special ability called ‘Engima Eye.’


It is a passive skill that increases the marking time on his enemies. At its base level marking on hit enemies last longer when enemies move, up to 2s.

Shirou (Damage Delivered)

best character combinations with DJ Alok
Shirou in Free Fire

According to Shirou’s in-game description, he is the fastest delivery guy around. Likewise, his ability is named “Damage Delivered“. His ability has something of both Moco and Hayato. This is also a two-dimensional ability with scouting and damage blended into one. They are:

  • Shirou’s ability marks the first enemy that his the player for 8 seconds. Moreover the enemy gets a de-buff.
  • The first shot fired against the enemy deals an additional 100% bonus armor penetration.

Shirou vs Elite Moco vs Clu: Who Is Best In Free Fire?

In this ability comparison as all three players have awesome skills but the winner can only be one in this Shirou vs Elite Moco vs Clu ability comparison.


Shirou has a scouting ability to mark up and increase the armour penetration to the marked enemies and also has a countdown timer. This ability is extremely useful for close-range combat. Clu’s ability is a great scouting tool and lets the squad locate the enemies. However, the downside is that if the opponents are squatting or lying down, their locations won’t be revealed.

Whereas, Elite Moco can tag the enemies player hit for a longer time exposing their position to her teammates. Looking at the abilities of all three characters it is safe to say that Elite Moco is the best character in Free Fire among Elite Moco vs Elite Andrew vs Elite Kelly for September 2021.

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