Shooting at Tokyo Olympics: Saurabh Choudhary’s Qualifies 1st with an Exceptional Performance in Men’s 10m Air Pistol

India's Saurabh Chaudhary gave an exceptional performance in the 10m air pistol in shooting at Tokyo Olympics. He qualified in 1st place for the finals that will be held later in the day. However, it was bad news for Abhishek Verma, as he finished his qualification in 17th place.

shooting at Tokyo Olympics
shooting at Tokyo Olympics

The men’s 10m air pistol event in Shooting at Tokyo Olympics was held on day 2. The qualification requires the athletes to shoot a total of 60 competition shots in 75 minutes. The top 8 shooters at the end of the qualifying round with the highest scores move on to the final round where they shoot 24 competition shots. India’s Saurabh Chaudhary and Abhishek Verma finished 1st and 17th respectively.

India’s Saurabh Chaudhary absolutely dominated shooting at Tokyo Olympics, finishing 1st in the qualifying round. He shot 95, 98, 98, 100, 98, 97 over 6 series, finishing with a score of 586. China’s Bowen Zhang qualified in second place, with a strong performance of 98, 95, 99, 98, 99, 97 for a total of 586. Chaudhary qualified in first because he had 28x, where as Bowen could only manage 18.

2016 Rio Olympics Champion Christian Reitz started strong, and a poor score in the 4th series let him finish no higher then 3rd with a score of 584. He shot 97, 99, 99, 95, 97, 97 over 6 series to win the qualifying round. Ukraine’s Pavlo Korostylov, a dark horse qualified in 4th place, while Iran’s Foroughi Javad qualified 5th after a poor outing in the 5th series.

Shooting at Tokyo Olympics: Abhishek Verma Loses Out Place in Finals after Slow Start

Abhishek Verma
Shooting at Tokyo Olympics

Korea’s Mose Kim qualified in 6th place, with a score of 579, while China’s Wei Pang and Serbia’s Damir Mikec rounded off the top 8, with a tie of 578.

India’s Abhishek Verma got off to a slow start in the first series finishing with a 94. He was down in the rankings, but slowly made his way up, and was at a highest rank of 5 in the 5th series. It was not meant to be unfortunatly, as he slipped down in the last 2 shots of the 6th series, managing to only finish 17th with a score of 575.

It was a good outing for Saurabh Chaudhary, as he will be looking to finish on the podium in the finals of 10m air pistol shooting at Tokyo Olympics that are going to be held later in the day.

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