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“It started as a hobby and now I’m a part of Team India” – Abhishek Verma speaks on his meteoric rise in the world of shooting

Abhishek Verma spoke at a virtual press conference about taking up shooting late in his life and going on to become one of the best in the country.

Abhishek Verma

The 2018 World Shooting championship Silver medalist, Abhishek Verma is a part of the Indian contingent traveling to Croatia which will be their final training base before the much awaited Tokyo Olympics 2021 which is scheduled from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

Abhishek Verma is professionally a lawyer and shooting was just a hobby for him until the age of 27, but now he has become a part of team India to the Olympic event. He spoke recently about his journey to taking up shooting late in his career and becoming a superstar in it.

Age doesn’t matter, Hard work does‘ – Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma spoke recently at a virtual press conference organized by Sports Authority of India. “I get a lot of messages on social media. They ask me if I can start shooting at 23 or 25. I give them my example that I started at 27 as a hobby and then I worked hard to become a part of Team India. Age doesn’t matter if you can work hard then you can be successful,” Verma said.

The rise of Verma in the shooting fraternity has been inspirational to many as he went on to win his maiden silver medal in the World Shooting Championship 2018 and was also called for to be a part of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

“I’m working on timing and will continue to do so in Croatia. I used to complete my match in 40-50 minutes (60 shots) but now it takes me an hour and 10-15 minutes. So, I will improve on that,” Verma said.

The 31 year old shooter has currently been working on reducing the expense of time taken to make 60 shots on the target as required in the competition.

Overcoming Hurdles – The Abhishev Verma way

Abhishek Verma

“I couldn’t continue my training after the last World Cup (in New Delhi) due to lockdown,” Verma said. “Then I took a vaccine and was exhausted for a few days. Now my focus will remain on training and I will look to improve from my World Cup (performance).

Earlier this month, the Indian shooting contingent which is to depart to Croatia on May 11, 2021 was administered with COVID-19 vaccination as strict protocols were laid down by the Sports Authority of India for traveling abroad. Verma is optimistic towards their shifting of training base to Croatia before Tokyo Olympics as the Balkan country is more safer for the team comparative to India where the second wave of COVID-19 has spread rapidly forcing the Government back to lock downs.

“When I won an Asian Games medal, I thought that I could go ahead. Then after winning the Olympics quota, I had a clear picture and thought I could do something at the Games,” he said.

Verma, who is about to go for his maiden outing in Olympics is mindful not to let the expectations get over and pressurize him, but to rather be optimistic to produce his best performance in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

“I am excited about my first Olympics and looking at it as any other competition. I’m not keeping a lot of expectations on myself and will focus on my performance,” he signed off.

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