Simon Jordan rips into exorbitant PPV prices for Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury!

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are expected to fight in a title unification bout, sometime this year.

Anthony Joshua (L) and Tyson Fury (R)

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will be facing-off in a high-voltage boxing encounter for the undisputed heavyweight championship, sometime this year. There are rumors afloat that the fight will be held, sometime by mid-2021. Although, the official confirmation is not yet out, one thing is for sure – the fight is expected to be the richest heavyweight fight in history with both the fighters expected to pocket 100 million pound each.

And, likewise the Pay-per-view prices are expected to be high as well, with reports stating that the PPV would cost a staggering 40 Euro. The higher the fighters’ purse, the higher the PPV prices!

This didn’t sit well with a lot of fight fans, and Simon Jordan of talkSPORT slammed the exorbitant PPV prices, saying that it is a shame that the organizers aren’t able to promote a fight of such intensity, properly.

There seems to be this default setting that we have to universally accept that both of these fighters have got to get £100m each

Simon Jordan was quoted as saying, “Yeah, well I’m just challenged by this notion. There seems to be this default setting that we have to universally accept that both of these fighters have got to get £100m each… And the reality of it is that, because of Joshua’s profile in America, they can’t sell the PPV in America the way they could with Tyson Fury or other fighters. So, they are looking at a quantity of PPVs, they are going to take it to probably the most repugnant part of the world for human rights issues, because they can get paid a 120 million over there for facility fees.

The timing of that means that they can’t sell it to the American market, so they can’t get the quantity of the PPV buys. So, rather than get the quantity, what they do is, is they up the price by a best part of 50 percent, to make sure that the two fighters must get this ‘universally accepted’ – a 100 million pound each.

He continued, “And I look at it and go, hold on a second, aren’t these two great British fighters, that are supposed to represent something. Don’t we look at this and go, why is it that it is the fans’ responsibility to have to pay – 40, 50 percent more, because you can’t sell the fight to get the PPV views that you want, to give the 100 million each that they must have.

Insane PPV prices, have in fact led to the rise of illegal streamers, which has been a widespread issue in the UFC as well. What are your thoughts on this?

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