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Sinatraa cries on stream after Shahzam gets hate for playing with him on stream

In a recent stream on 2nd June he invited his former teammate and roommate Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan to play a game of Valorant together. The chat turned toxic against Shahzam almost instantly after that Sinatraa cries on stream and left the team.

Sinatraa cries on stream

Jay “sinatraa” Won once the best Overwatch player and one of the best players in the rising tactical FPS Valorant was accused by his ex-girlfriend of sexual assault. He was immediately ruled out of all official Riot Games tournaments. But now Sinatraa got Banned for 6 Months Not Cooperating with the Investigation.


Sinatraa cries on stream

Sinatraa is back to streaming and uploading videos for some days now despite an investigation is going on for Sinatraa’s alleged sexual abuse towards his ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez,. In a recent stream on 2nd June he invited his former teammate and roommate Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan to play a game of Valorant together even after getting suspended by Riot for 6 months.

When his good friend and former teammate invite Shahzam he didn’t think twice before joining. He understood the seriousness of the matter very soon as a part of his chat got toxic towards him. They started asking Shahzam why would he play with sinatraa again before all this investigation is done and over with. Before shahzam could say something the hate got best of sinatraa and he left the team crying, we can see that on his stream.

Sinatraa cries on stream

Sinatraa on the hate towards him and Shahzam

In the later half of the game sinatraa said,“It’s so dumb”. After that he couldn’t hold his tears anymore. He bust out on stream and turned his facecam off immediately. Jay also said, “I just wish people knew man, It’s so sad. It’s just so sad. F*** my life.”

After that sinatraa decides not to duo-queue anymore “That’s what happens when I play with other streams,” he said. “That’s why I don’t do it, because the chat just attacks them nonstop” , Won added.

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Shahzam on the hate towards him

In Shahzam’s stream, he instantly regretted his decision to join Sinatraa on stream. “I didn’t think it through,” he said multiple times.

After the game Shahzam said, “I just got invited to play and I played. It was honestly a mistake, I put myself in a really sh***y situation. I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would turn into this.”

Even after this his chat continued being toxic then he turned his chat in sub-only mode and made it clear he is not picking any sides, his friend invited and he joined that’s all.

The chat accused saying, “You support ra**”. Shahzam further added, “Don’t think that I’m taking a stance or [making] a statement or some bulls***. I do not support r***.” after all this.

Subroza on this matter

Another professional player for TSM gave a 3rd person perspective on this matter. He said, “let the people live, if the did something let the feds decide it. You’re not f**king cops. Let the people live”

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