Skeletons in Minecraft: Spawn locations, Attacks and more!

The Skeletons in Minecraft are one of the most commonly found hostile mob in the game and this article list all its features from drops to spawn locations!

Skeletons in Minecraft
Skeletons in Minecraft: All you need to know

Minecraft’s Overworld is just as beautiful as it is dangerous and is populated with dangerous mobs. We take a look at one commonly found enemy mob, the Skeletons in Minecraft and all their features.

Minecraft has a ton mobs that are super friendly to the players and can be turned into pets. However, there are also some mobs that will hurt the player at any chance they get and can even kill them if they are not careful.

The Skeletons in Minecraft is one such mob and we take a look at all its features.

Skeletons in Minecraft

Skeletons in Minecraft
Skeletons in Minecraft

The Skeletons in Minecraft is a very common mob that is found everywhere in the Minecraft Overworld and is distinguished by its white body and ranged weapons.

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Skeletons in Minecraft
Skeletons in Minecraft
  • Skeletons spawn in groups of 4-5 in dark places anywhere in the Overworld. The only biome they do not spawn in, is the Mushroom biome. During night they can spawn anywhere in the world.
  • Skeletons can also be found spawning from a spawner in a Dungeon.
  • They also spawn in the Nether with their sister variant, the Wither Skeleton.

There are also 4 variants of Skeleton spawn and they are:

  • Spider Jockey: This has a 1% chance of spawning with a skeleton riding a spider.
  • Skeleton Horsemen: They have a rare chance of spawning when a skeleton trap is triggered. They have enchanted bows and iron Helmets.
  • Strays: These spawn only in frozen biomes.
  • Halloween Skeletons: These can only spawn during Halloween and can either spawn with a carved Pumpkin or a Jack o’Lantern.

Armored Skeletons and Enchantments

The Skeletons have a slight chance of spawning with a set of armor or pieces of a armor. These give additional bonuses to the skeletons.

The Skeleton can also equip itself with any dropped armor to wear them.

They also have a chance of spawning with enchanted gear.

Attacks and behaviour

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  • Skeletons are hostile and will attack the player on sight with a bow. They do not attack if the line of sight is blocked.
  • They even duel with other skeletons if they accidentally hit each other. Other neutral or hostile mobs also attack the skeleton if they hit them.
  • Skeletons are also attacked by wolfs that are tamed by the players.

Skeletons are hurt by sunlight and burn when exposed to it. They seek shade when not attacking a player. However, if they have a helmet then they do not get hurt by sunlight. However, they do not die from drowning, but sink to the bottom of the water.


Skeletons in Minecraft
Skeletons in Minecraft

Skeletons have a chance to drop any of these items when killed:

  • 0-2 Bones
  • 0-2 Arrows
  • The item the skeleton picks up
  • Bows and armor that the skeletons spawns with have a small chance of dropping.
  • A Skeleton skull, if killed by a Charged Creeper.
  • 5 EXP orbs

Fun Fact: Creepers drop Music Discs for a Jukebox if they are killed with skeleton arrows.

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