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“London innit” – Eileen Gu checks out London with Emma Raducanu

Eileen Gu and Emma Raducanu tour London together.

Eileen Gu and Emma Raducanu

Tennis player Emma Radacanu has recently been serving as a tour guide this week for fellow sporting star, Olympic skier Eileen Gu. The British tennis no.1 recently announced that she would be partnering up with banking giant HSBC for the next four years. Raducanu, who is a US Open champion at the mere age of 19, is currently busy preparing for the Wimbledon, where she first rose to prominence last summer before her shocking victory in Flushing Meadows.

Eileen Gu, who at 18 is a double Olympic champion and a part-time model for Tiffany and Co, is in London for the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. While both are busy with their career, they made sure to meet up when they had some downtime. Gu shared a picture of the two of them at a restaurant on her Instagram story, just before Raducanu posted a picture of herself under some Union Jack bunting.

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“Serious international star power in that pic”

Eileen Gu and Emma Raducanu

Raducanu posted the picture on her Instagram story and captioned it with ‘Eileen Gu takes ldddnnn’, while Gu reposted it, captioning it ‘London innit’. Sports journalist James Gray tweeted the picture on Twitter, captioning it, “Emma Raducanu and Chinese-American winter sports star Eileen Gu together in London. Some serious international star power in that pic”.

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Surely it’s not a surprise that the two of them are friends, they both have Chinese mothers, with Gu growing up in California and Raducanu being raised in London, both have achieved incredible success so early in their sporting careers, which has seen them both become international superstars in their own rights, and have become endorsement favourites. Raducanu recently revealed on Thursday that she teamed up with Wimbledon sponsor HSBC on ‘sports initiatives and financial opportunities for the next generation’.

Speaking in a press release, she said, “To partner with HSBC is so natural for me having grown up playing in the HSBC Road to Wimbledon and having been a customer for many years. If I wasn’t a tennis player, I would definitely want to work in finance,” she said. “I’m excited to learn more about the industry in the years to come”.

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