Skip Bayless refers to LeBron James as 4th quarter disaster

Skip Bayless raises concern over LeBron James' clutch abilities after the latter missed a game-winning shot for LA Lakers against Warriors

Skip Bayless and LeBron James

If you’re team is in a do or die clutch situation to win the game, LeBron James is one player that will always be on your mind to take that particular shot. Similar was the fate met by Los Angeles Lakers when they trailed 113-115 to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron had the ball to win it for the home team. But he missed it with his jumper from behind the arc. Much to everyone’s surprise the Warriors registered a trilling 19-point comeback victory over the defending champions. 

Both Anthony Davis and LeBron James did not perform according to their standard. NBA Analyst Skip Bayless is one who feels the same. LeBron and Davis were 12/32 from the field and added a total of 36 points for the Lakers. Kyle Kuzma and Montrezl Harrell added better from the bench. This could be a worrying sign if one compares it with the marquee duo of other teams in this season. 

Skip Bayless on LeBron James’ clutch abilities

In a recent interview, NBA analyst Skip Bayless raised questions over LeBron James’ clutch abilities. He claimed, “LeBron James has become an early season 4th quarter disaster… He’s never been this bad… Team still does not have a closer. Team is really good and fire powerful, and if it jumps out on you, and buries you, you’re mostly buried. But if you can hang in, and get this game down to the last 4-5 minutes close, you got a real shot.” 

Skip had his homework ready because he was speaking against the reigning FMVP and someone who has been consistently performing in this season at the stretch. The 69-YO added, “In 15 games, LeBron James is shooting 36% from the floor in the 4th quarter. He’s at 50% career shooter for four quarters from the floor. From three in the 4th quarter, he is 26%. His field goal shooting ranks 203rd in the NBA in the 4th quarter and his three-point shooting ranks 146 in the fourth quarter. That’s just not LeBron James.” 

Notably, LeBron also missed a crucial three-pointer at the buzzer. These are some alarming signs because the opposition can study this and leverage the weakness. 

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