Skyler vs Chrono – Which Free Fire Character is better after OB30 update?

This article will compare Skyler with Chrono, who has been buffed two times. The comparison is to know which character is best to use aftet the OB30 update.

free fire ob30 update

Chrono and Skyler are the two best Free Fire characters with active abilities. This article will do Skyler vs Chrono Comparison after the major buff of Chrono in the recent OB30 update to know which character is best to use.

Free Fire characters have some unique abilities and skills that assist players on the Battlefield and also become the reason to win many fights as well as matches. Active ability characters play a crucial role as their abilities can be combined with three other passive skilled characters to make a combination. Among all active skilled characters, Chrono and Skyler are two such good characters with potential abilities.

Chrono has received a major buff in the recent OB30 update which made players think of using the ability. This article will let players know which character is best to use among Skyler and Chrono – Skyler vs Chrono.

Assessing the character abilities:


skyler vs Chrono

Ability: Time Turner

Chrono is a character that is based on the Global soccer sensation, Cristiano Ronaldo. His Time turner ability has been reworked in OB27 and the OB30 updates. The ability will now create a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies and players inside the zone can attack other players. Moreover, it increases the movement speed by 5% but all of these will last for 3 seconds at the initial level and 5 at the maximum. The CD period is high and it is 250 seconds.

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chrono vs skyler

Ability: Riptide Rythm

Skyler is a character is based on music artist Son Tung M-TP. His ability will release a sonic wave that destroys 5 gloo walls within a 50-meter range. Moreover, when a gloo wall is deployed, it will increase the HP recovery beginning from 4 points. Skyler is so indestructible and is used for aggressive gameplay.

Verdict – Which character is better to use after OB30 update?

Chrono was initially so destructible to everyone as his ability was too overpowered which led the developers to rework it in the OB27 update. Even after so, his ability is wieldy used and the developers again decided and reworked it degrade in the recent OB30 update. While some think it is unusable, there is a significant number that it is still a powerful character.

Comparing Both abilities, Skyler seems the strongest among these two as the Chrono has debuffed a couple of times. Moreover, Chrono’s CD period is high and the effect will not last much longer and thus, players may fall into trouble if they were not quick enough. Skyler has a less CD period and his ability is destructible. Therefore, Skyler is a good character to use after the recent update.

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