Skyler vs Shirou in Free Fire : Comparing their abilities

Free Fire is the battle royale game that has taken over the eSports scene. In this article we will see Skyler vs Shirou and compare their abilities in Free Fire.


Free Fire is the battle royale game that has taken over the eSports scene. This game allows players to choose from many different characters. Each of these characters have their own unique abilities that help them in their quest to win the game. There are also two different kinds of abilities, they’re classified into active and passive. Active abilities also have cooldown times once they are used. Additionally, passive abilities take effect in normal gameplay. Skyler and Shirou are the latest characters to join the fray in Free Fire. In this article we will see Skyler vs Shirou in Free Fire.

Skyler in Free Fire


Skyler is a rich CEO and a superstar. He has the ability Riptide Rhythm. Riptide Rhythm sends forth a sonic wave. This wave damages 5 gloo walls within a 50m Radius. Each gloo wall.deployed will result in increased HP recovery beginning from 4 HP. The ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds. When upgraded, the stats are improved and the cooldown is also significantly reduced to 40 seconds.

Shirou in Free Fire


Shirou is well known as the fastest delivery guy around. This delivery man has the ability Damage Delivered. This ability marks enemies for a short duration when hit. Additionally, the first shot hit on the enemy has significantly increased armour penetration, dealing more damage. This ability is even stronger when upgraded, with increasing marking time and more armour penetration.

Shirou vs Skyler

Shirou is considerable more useful than Skyler if you are an aggressive player. His ability to deal more damage is very good when closing in on enemies. Skyler is good for less aggressive players as he can send out his sonic wave and affect gloo walls. However this ability can also be used aggressively.

That was our article regarding Skyler vs Shirou in Free Fire.

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