Skylord vs FozyAjay Who Is Best In Free Fire In May 2021?

Skylord and FozyAjay are two prominent Youtubers in Indian free fire community. FozyAjay was the part of the team that won FFIC 2021. Here we will discuss about who is best in free fire stats comparison in Skylord vs FozyAjay in May 2021.

Skylord vs FozyAjay Who Is Best In Free Fire
Skylord vs FozyAjay Who is Best In Free Fire

Free Fire has a huge community of streamers worldwide when it comes to terms of viewers and subscribers on Youtube. TG FozyAjay and Skylord are two big YouTube channels in the Indian Free Fire community but who is best in free fire community. TG FozyAjay aka “Ajay Sharma“, he has over 474 thousand subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Meanwhile, Skylord is owned by “Abhiyuday Mishra” he is an free fire streamer and content creator has over 1.1 million subscribers and over 62.94 million views on his channel. Here in this article we will compare Skylord vs FozyAjay stats in free fire to check who is best in free fire stats comparison.

Skylord vs FozyAjay: Lifetime Stats

skylord vs fozyajay who is best in free fire
Skylord Lifetime Stats

Squad Lifetime Stats of Skylord vs FozyAjay

Free Fire ID2977729377985476
KD Ratio4.076.38
Fozyajay lifretime stats
Lifetime Stats Of FozyAjay

Duo Lifetime Stats Comparison

Free Fire ID2977729377985476
KD Ratio2.614.07

Solo Lifetime Stats Comparison

StatsFozyAjay Skylord
Free Fire ID2977729377985476
KD Ratio1.894.13

Who Is Best In Free Fire Lifetime Stats Comparison?

In all three modes, Skylord tops the comparison because he has better stats than FozyAjay in all three modes and all aspects. In the solo mode of Lifetime stats, FozyAjay gave tough competition and came close to Skylord but clearly, he does not outplay Skylord at any point.

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Skylord vs FozyAjay: Ranked Stats

Skylord Ranked Stats
SKylord Ranked Stats

Ranked Squad Stats

Free Fire ID2977729377985476
KD Ratio4.9711.29
Ranked stats of FOzyajay
FozyAjay Ranked Stats

Ranked Duo Stats

Free Fire ID2977729377985476
KD Ratio0.006.54

Solo Ranked Stats

Free Fire ID2977729377985476
KD Ratio0.000.00

Who Is Best Free Fire Ranked Stats Comparison?

Looking at the Ranked Stats in Free Fire, It is clearly visible that Skylord has played many games and thus having better stats in all three modes including all aspects such as Wins, kills, KD ratio than FozyAjay.

Upon comparing both the players in-game stats of Free Fire, it concludes that Skylord is the clear winner as he has got good overall stats in this comparison with FozyAjay.

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