“BGMI India Series 2021 will be free from hackers”: Snax hints on Krafton’s next step to eliminate hackers in BGMI

Raj Varma aka Snax has hinted that Krafton is preparing a big update to elimnate a significant number of hackers in BGMI before BGIS 2021 commences.

Snax on BGMI India Series 2021

Players across India are getting eventually frustrated due to the large number of hackers in BGMI. Moreover, the delay of BGMI India Series 2021 is getting on the nerves of the players. Amidst this, content creator Snax has hinted that the developers are working to bring a change in the game before BGIS 2021.

Battlegrounds Mobile India saw an overwhelming response from PUBG Mobile fans ever since it was announced. The battle-royale game kick started its journey with a grand tournament named Launch Party. Player’s as well as creator’s joy knew no bounds when Krafton brought some amazing events, fun matches for the players. However, the game became a hub of hackers within 2 months of its release. This compelled the players to turn their back towards the game and shift over other games.

Snax reveals Krafton’s big moves before BGMI India Series 2021

"BGMI India Series 2021 will be free from hackers": Snax hints on Krafton's next step to eliminate hackers in BGMI
Raj ‘Snax’ Verma

Raj Varma, popularly known by his in game alias Snax is a well known professional player of PUBG/ BGMI who currently plays for Team IND. He recently completed 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel and caught the attention of several fans due to his phenomenal performance in the game. He live streams his BGMI game play regularly and interacts with his fans.

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In one such recent live stream, he was seen assuring the fans that BGMI India Series 2021 will be free from hackers. One of the primary reason of the major tournament getting delayed was the infinite number of hackers. Krafton does not wish to waste more time, therefore, it is working on completely eliminating the hackers. Snax said the following in live stream

"BGMI hackers will be completely removed from the game within this month. Krafton is working on a major update regarding hackers which will be pushed out soon. Don't worry, the game will not be dead, just hope for the best".

These words from Snax were music to the ears of several players who are struggling hard to create a name for themselves in the world of BGMI. Moreover, players who feared that BGMI might soon be a dead game can heave a sigh of relief as Krafton is planning to bring a major update which will significantly decrease the number of hackers.

"BGMI India Series 2021 will be free from hackers": Snax hints on Krafton's next step to eliminate hackers in BGMI
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Prior to this, several measures were taken but all of them went into vain as prominent content creators such as Scout as well Regaltos found that every 9 out of 10 matches contained a hacker. The upcoming measure taken might actually benefit the players who want to play in a free and fair environment.

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