“Sometimes It’s Better If He’s Not There,” says Rafael Nadal on Roger Federer in a show


Before the US Open in 2011, Rafael Nadal made an appearance on the show hosted by David Letterman. In that very show, David asked many questions from Nadal and the entire conversation was gone very funny and interesting.

David Letterman’s Talk With Rafael Nadal

In this show, they talked about a lot of things starting from Nadal’s childhood to how and from where his interest was shifted to tennis. Nadal told that he started playing tennis at the age of 3 when his uncle got him into it.

The most interesting part of this show was when David asked Nadal whether he compares his rivalry with Roger Federer to the Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. Nadal did not give any answer to this on the first note.

He said that Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe’s rivalry was an amazing one and every rivalry is different. Nadal said he and Roger played too many matches together and they had a good relationship outside the field. Despite the wins and losses, we know that Tennis is just a game.

David went on by asking Rafa whether he believes his game would be as good as it is if Roger wasn’t around. Rafa admitted that it would not but that sometimes its better if he has not been there.

Tennis fans have seen so many great matches between them that they cannot imagine tennis without either of them. I am sure they will be eagerly waiting to see some more clashes between them. However, as the ATP tour has been suspended due to Coronavirus Pandemic and will only resume in July.


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