Sooneeta Free Fire ID and Other In-Game Details in January 2021

This article take a look at Sooneeta's Free Fire ID and other in-game stats


Sooneeta is a professional Free Fire player. Her real name is Sunita Thapa Magar and she is a renowned content creator of Free Fire from Nepal. She uploads her gameplays regularly on YouTube. She has over 3 Million subscribers from all around the globe and still counting Let’s discuss Sooneeta stats and more for January 2021.

This article analyzes her stats and her in-game details as of January 2021.  

Her Free Fire ID is 131311296. She leads her team called Team-Lava and her IGN is T-SOONEETA.

Sooneeta Free Fire Stats and More for January 2021:

Lifetime Stats:

Sooneeta has played about 862 solo matches and has claimed victory in 62 in January. She has a win rate of 7.19% and killed 1334 opponents with a K/D ratio of 1.67.

She has successfully killed 3304 opponents with a K/D ratio of 2.12 in 1845 duo matches and won 285 of them translating her win rate to 15.44%.  With a win rate like that no wonder she is so popular.

Full squad matches are her forte. She has completed 18208 squad matches and won 4286 of them, making her win rate of 23.53%. She has killed 41632 in all these matches which makes her K/D ratio of 2.99. K/D ratio like is surely remarkable in squad matches.

Ranked Stats:

This YouTube content creator and Free Fire star has finished 348 squad matches in this current season and has won about 77 matches which translate her win rate of 22.12% in January. She has registered about 1045 kills which makes her K/D ratio of 3.86  which is stunning.

Sooneeta has also engaged in five duo battle and won one of them having a win percentage of 20%. In these five matches, she has eliminated 13 players making her K/D ratio of 3.25.

As far of now she hasn’t played any solo ranked match in this ongoing season 19 of Free Fire in January.

Note: The stats of Sooneeta in Free Fire is only till the date of Published in January 2021

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