Sooneeta Free Fire ID, stats and more for March 2021

Sooneeta is a very popular Free Fire professional player based in Nepal. She has great Free Fire Stats and we take a look at them down below.

Sooneeta 2 - FirstSportz
Sooneeta Free Fire

Sooneta is a popular Free Fire streamer, pro-player and content creator. She is based in Nepal and has a vast fan base, In this article we take a look Sooneeta Free Fire ID, Stats and more for March 2021.

Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game on mobiles. Likewise, it has created a huge player base throughout the world. A ton of content creators and and professional players have been drawn to the popular. Sooneeta is very prominent and we take a look at her stats.

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Sooneeta Free Fire ID and Stats

Her Free Fire ID is 131311296 and her in-game game is TL-Sooneeta.

Lifetime Stats

Sooneeta 1 - FirstSportz
Sooneeta Lifetime Stats

In the lifetime squad mode she has played a total of 19456 games and and won 4495 out of them. Likewise he has 45657 frags and has a K/D of 3.05.

Duo mode has a total 1870 games played and won 289 of them. She has 3368 frags and a K/D of 2.13.

In solo mode she has played 878 games and won 63 of them. She has 1367 kills and a K/D ratio of 1.68.

Ranked Stats

Sooneeta 3 - FirstSportz
Sooneeta Ranked Stats

In ranked squad this season she has played a total of 211 games and won 44 of them. She has 654 kills and a K/D ratio of 3.92.

In duo and solo mode she has no games played, as of yet.


She currently has a total of 3.83 million subscribers and 634 videos. Likewise, she has a total of 270 million views combined.

Other Social Media

Other than Youtube, Sooneeta is active on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook: Click here.
  • Instagram: Click here.

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