Sourav Ganguly hoping that India doesn’t suffer from an IPL-less 2020

Sourav Ganguly hoping that India doesn’t suffer from an IPL-less 2020

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The Indian Premier League was scheduled to start on 29th March 2020. However, due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it was further suspended. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has stated that their first priority is to ensure that the country would not have suffer from an IPL-less 2020. Not just Ganguly, but other board members have also justified that decisions regarding IPL will only be taken once ICC decides on the fortunes of the T20 World Cup scheduled in Australia and New Zealand.

As cases have been relatively controlled in the pandemic in both the countries, cricket fanatics are hopeful and keeping their fingers crossed. While talk on India Today’s show ‘Inspiration’, Ganguly said, “We don’t want the year 2020 to finish without an IPL. Our first priority is India and even if we get 35 to 40 days, we will host it. But we don’t know where…,”

Although there are 3 nations who have offered to host the IPL on their turf. But speaking about that Ganguly said, “I will put it in this order. Firstly, whether we can (have an IPL) within the time frame as IPL has a limited window. Secondly India. If it’s not possible then we are thinking of going out (abroad). But going out where…because if you go out it becomes expensive for everyone — franchises and board. Because of the conversion rate and currency exchange rate, it becomes expensive. So we are monitoring, but as I said we are very keen to host it and got our fingers crossed.” As mentioned, those 3 countries are UAE, Srilanka and New Zealand.

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IPL Stakeholders are also waiting because of ICC’s delay in making a decision. However, the situation in the country shall also be taken into consideration before taking any step forward. Ganguly is keeping his fingers crossed and hoping that cricket is back as soon as possible. Only once in its 12 editions has IPL been hosted abroad.

If IPL has to be canceled BCCI has to suffer a very major loss in its account, henceforth Ganguly exclaimed how they are trying everything possible for the best possible outcome to happen.

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