Southampton Players Wanted To Repay ‘Local Community’ by accepting wage deferrals Says Ward-Prowse


Vice caption James Ward Prowse said that Southampton players and senior staff wanted to protect the club and repay their community when they accepted wages deferrals and were not affected by outside pressure.

The club was announcing for the first time in the Premier League that players and management would secure part of their salaries for April to June to help close the season brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports action have been stopped in which Premier League had been postponed due to deadly virus, with UK under lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus Crisis.

“It was never about doing it quickly or facing any pressure,” midfielder Ward-Prowse told the BBC here “It was about making sure we made the right decision for the people and the community and we definitely have done that.

“We wanted to make a good, mature, calculated decision on what was needed. It wasn’t done for a ‘well done, you’re the first club to do it’. It was done out of thinking ahead and thinking what is best for the club and the community.”

With the Premier League at a standstill, footballers are facing pressure to accept wage cuts.
The players union, however, questioned the league’s call for a 30% player wage reduction, saying it would reduce tax revenue for the National Health Service.

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur have both reversed decisions to furlough non-playing staff members after fierce criticism of the moves, while West Ham United followed Southampton by announcing wage deferrals for players.

Southampton is at the 14th place in the Premier League when the league is suspended due to Coronavirus pandemic.


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