Spanish League keeps plan to resume despite 5 players testing COVID-19 positive


Five players from clubs in the first and second divisions tested positive for coronavirus and despite the Spanish league is steady to its decision to resume tournament.

The league confirmed the positive tests on Sunday and said it’s not going to disrupt the practice sessions that got underway last week.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, after two months of detention players started individual training sessions on Friday.

The league said it will “continue to apply the back-to-training protocol” that was approved by government authorities to “guarantee the maximum safety of all players, coaches and club employees.”

It also said that it has “warned” everyone to follow health safety measures more strictly by the government so the numbers of infected players “remain very low.”

The five players who tested positive for the virus had no symptoms and are healing from the disease, will be allowed after testing negative in two consecutive tests in practice sessions.

The other players tested negative and regular testing of players, coaches, and club employees will be done who pertained to the training session.

Spanish media told that three players who are positive from the COVID-19 were from first division clubs, including Atletico Madrid defender Renan Lodi as the league did not disclose the player’s name and their clubs.

Atlético on Saturday posted a message on an official club social media channel with a picture of the Brazilian and the message: “Renan Lodi says hello from his home. We will see you very soon on the field, Renan!”

None of the players who tested positive reportedly play for Barcelona or Real Madrid while Barcelona was among the first team who started their practice session on Friday and real Madrid will hopefully begin on Monday.

The league said it will propose to test the player’s families and players who tested positive will stay quarantine and proceed their training individually.


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