Specific COVID-19 measures may be needed for Tokyo Paralympics: Organisers

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The organizers of Tokyo Paralympics have confirmed that some specific COVID-19 measures may require to help keep athletes safe as they move between venues.

The schedule would remain largely the same for next year as the opening ceremony will take place on Aug. 24th. The Games will feature 539 events at 22 different venues.

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Games Director Hidemasa Nakamura on Tokyo Paralympics

Games Director Hidemasa Nakamura has said that ‘some additional measures’ against the virus may be needed during the Paralympics. This is due to the extra time expected to move para-athletes between venues.

“There might be some specific measures that are needed depending on what type of sport or competition it is. he said.

“We are having discussions with IFs (International Federations) and the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and others to provide a safe and secure environment.”,

Japanese para-taekwondo athlete Mitsuya Tanaka hoped that the Games could be a chance to express the world that ‘coronavirus can be vetoed’.

“I think showing ourselves making the effort and taking on the challenge with courage, this is something we can contribute to the world,” said Tanaka.

“Once COVID-19 settles, it will be a good opportunity for us to show we have won over COVID-19. This is something I can show as a para-athlete.” he further added.

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