Spectators are unlikely to return to football stadiums till next year: La Liga Broadcasters


According to Jaume Roures, Head of Spanish media company Mediapro, Watchers are doubtful to be able to return to football stadiums until next year, due to the continued hazard of The Novel coronavirus pandemic.

Roures, whose company governs international broadcasting rights for Spanish top flight and also broadcasts Champions League, also stated that due to this pandemic, it’s the end of colossal transfer fees for players.

Due to the unraveling of coronavirus, all sports come to halt while some European football league such as Germany’s Bundesliga are scheduling to host games altho in the closed stadium, next month.

Spanish football stakeholders are opposing how and when to start playing matches again in a proposal to finish the season and avoid possible losses of one billion euros which includes a plan of not involving spectators in matches.

Roures believes supporters will not be able to return to stadiums for the remainder of this year,
“It’ll be at least a year before there’s a vaccine and we can’t put anyone in danger before then, there’s no way to have social distancing when you have 20,000 people in a stadium,” he told Spanish radio station Onda Cero on Thursday.

“I’m saying that we won’t be starting 2021 with fans in stadiums unless the scientists of the world can surprise everyone and come up with an accessible vaccine before then, something which scientists say is not possible,” he added.

Javier Tebas chief of La Liga says in clubs will come in a loss of 300 million euros ($323 million) playing remaining matches without watchers and Roures thinks losses money will put an end to the exorbitant transfer fees for the recent year.


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