Sports Awards nomination process ‘delayed’ due to coronavirus pandemic


Due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the nomination process of the most reputable awards for the superiority in sports has been delayed.

The application for Khel Ratna and Arjun Awards, the most respected awards in the sports industry are yet to be decided.

Sports Ministry told after being asked about the postponement of the nomination list, “The circular for award applications is yet to be issued. Hopefully, it will be issued in the month of May. The circular which tends to invite applications for this year’s sports award and the process will probably begin next month.”

Every year the process of the nomination takes place in the fourth week of April but this year the process is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The process of nomination is due and yet to be completed because of the complete nationwide lockdown in the country.

Khel Ratna Awards and Arjuna Awards ceremony takes place on the National Sports Day which people celebrate on 29th August. This year the dates have not been confirmed and there is no news about that the dates will be changed or not.

Earlier, there was 21 days lockdown but on 12 April, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi announced the extension of lockdown for 19 days till 3rd May due to the increasing cases of coronavirus in the country.

India has reported around nearly 27,000 positive cases and 826 people have lost their lives.


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