Sports Booklist Recommendation #1 : 5 Reasons to read ‘SUNNY DAYS’


First in the series of Sports Book Marathon on , ‘Sunny Days’ written by Little Master himself is an honest attempt to showcase his journey from school cricket to thrashing west indies bowling line up and making whopping 774 runs in his debut test series. Next tours of Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc are also described which is refreshing as we see all this via the eyes of Mr. Gavaskar himself.

5 Reasons why you should read this book –

1). Emergence of Sunil Gavaskar is penned down with utmost honesty in this book.

2). One of the key characteristics of this book is that it is written during Gavaskar was still playing that too in his early years of cricket career(as it was published in 1976).

3). Detailed version of regional, club, domestic and even practice matches which are nothing less than a treasure for avid cricket fans who generally have to satisfy themselves by a mere scorecard.

4). To read about likes of H. Ackerman, Pollock Brothers, Zahir Abbas and mighty Windies of that era etc.

5). Behind the scene stories are the gems which are poured down on the pages by Gavaskar without any filteration. To know about –
i) What conversation happened between Don Bradman and Gavskar,
ii) Gavaskar’s trust on Sudheer Naik when world was against the latter,
iii) Mother’s sacrifices and dedications for his son
iv). Why Salim Durani is the coolest Indian cricketer till this date
v). Who kidnapped Vishwnathan ?
This book surely deserves a place in your reading list.


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