Sports & Coronavirus | Akhtar wants India & Pakistan to play a bilateral series


Former Pakistan pacer turned commentator Shoaib Akhtar has proposed a three-match bilateral series between India and Pakistan, in order to raise funds for the fight against The Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic.

In a video posted on his Youtube channel, Akhtar said, “I want India and Pakistan to play a series. I want it to happen without crowds, just broadcasting unit should be there and the matches should be televised, three ODIs or T20Is should be played. I cannot understand why this is a bad idea”.

As of now, when both the countries are under a complete lockdown, Akhtar suggested that the series should be played in isolation and behind empty stands.

Taking about how things may work out, Akhtar said, “Players can play after undergoing testing, if the series happens, just think how many people will watch the matches on television, think about the funds the series can generate, for the first time, there will be no loser, there is everything to gain, imagine Indian team winning the match, and the funds going to Pakistan as well.”

PC – Indian Cricket Team/Facebook

The 44-year-old Rawalpindi Express also said that he is aware of the existing relationship between both the countries, and this idea of him can also help developing better relations among the neighbours.

“I am just thinking out of the box, this can be a breakthrough moment for both India and Pakistan, these two countries can help in generating a great amount of funds. Both sides will play for humanity. I know the relations between both the countries, still is there nothing we can’t do? These matches can become the most viewed,” Akhtar said.

The two nations have not played a full-series have not played bilateral series against each other since 2007. They have only played against each other in the ICC events and Asia Cup.

Akhtar also condemned the backlash

Recently, Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh faced the heat of fans as they asked people to donate funds into Sahid Afridi’s Foundation.

Speaking of the same, Akhtar said, “I saw what happened with Yuvraj and Harbhajan as they advocated for Shahid Afridi Foundation. I just could not understand this. We as people need to come forward.”


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