Sports & Coronavirus | Matuidi and Rugani recover from COVID-19


On Wednesday, Italian football club Juventus made an announcement and confirmed that Matuidi and Rugani, both their players have been recovered from the Novel coronavirus ‘COVID-19’.

The club said in a statement, “Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi underwent, as per protocol, a double-check with diagnostic tests (swabs) for the Coronavirus. The tests came back with negative results.”

In addition to it they said, “The players have, therefore, recovered and are no longer subjected to the home isolation regime.”

Although, last month both these players tested positive for Covid-19.

Matuidi wrote on his instgram handle that, “I am positive. Usually, I love to think that I am positive because I am a person who tries to radiate good feelings around me, my family, my friends and my companions.”

And he added, “Today I remain positive. I am an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, aware that I have the privilege of being a professional footballer and therefore benefit from regular and excellent health monitoring. If I hadn’t been, I might never have known I was. I am positive, I am strong, my morale is as high as that of my family. “

The British football matches have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Not only football, but this pandemic has also affected all the sporting events, resulting them to be cancelled or postponed.


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