Sports & Coronavirus | Shooter Shivam Thakur Pledges To Donate 60% Of His Income for The Next Three Years


International Shooter Shivam Thakur, living in Kulesra village of Greater Noida, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he will give 60 percent of his earnings for the development of India, for the next 3 years.

Let us tell you, that 18-year-old shooter Shivam Thakur has earned a big name by winning a gold and silver medal in the International Junior Shooting Competition held in Malaysia this year. He earns around Rs 5 lakh a year from match fees and other brand collaborations. Now Shivam will give about 3 lakh rupees to the PM Cares Fund for the next three years as financial help.

Shivam Thakur hails from a small lower-middle-class family, He has done well both nationally and internationally within three years. His father Arun Kumar runs a small grocery ration shop in Kulesra village.

Shivam has been selected in the Indian team for the Dubai ASEAN Games shooting tournament and World Junior Shooting.

Shivam said in a statement, “This country has given me a lot, in such a way, if I get some help for this country, I will consider myself lucky. I think the progress of the games after the lockdown It can also have an impact. In such a situation, it will also help young players in the future.”

Before coming into shooting, he wanted to become a professional Cricketer but his dream went off when he came to know that in an unfortunate incident, that happened in Kerala, got him a ligament tear. Which totally shattered his dream to become India’s best cricketer and nearly made him quit’

However, this injury made him unable to pursue his dream but somewhere his soul was fighting. He decided not to quit what if he couldn’t play, he could have inspired and motivated others to follow the path of their dreams in fields of sports.

In 2017, he started the “SGADF-School Games and Activity Development Foundation” to fulfil his dream. SGADF became a platform for children to achieve their goals by adopting sports as a medium. He is continuously working with the aim of breaking the various cycles of non-transparency of opportunity to privilege and unprivileged children.

Later, the Organisation got recognized by TAFISA, IAKS, ICSSPE.



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